Welcome to a new way of thinking.

In the world of enterprise solutions, Promantus Inc is different because we truly believe there is a new and better way of implementing enterprise human resources. Promantus specializes in implementing Workday - an intuitive and unified HR system for national and global businesses that will generate a rapid return on investment.

Workday does away with the traditional long and prohibitively expensive ERP implementations with its Software as a Service (SaaS) design. Call it SaaS, or call it cloud computing, Workday will simply revolutionize your business using the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Why Promantus?

  • Promantus is a consulting company dedicated to implementing Workday in US/EMEA and in INDIA

  • Promantus was established, and is managed, by highly experienced industry consultants and deployment specialists.

  • We have been at the forefront of the SaaS revolution throughout these countries. Today, we have a team of almost 20 high-caliber and certified Workday consultants deploying Workday throughout the globe.

  •  Promantus prides itself on implementing the Workday philosophies. Our services are nimble, agile and fast – designed to help you implement Workday solutions swiftly and achieve return on investment in as short a time as possible. Promantus has the ability and capability to tailor the Workday solutions to meet your needs and requirements during the initial implementation. Our services are adaptable to meet your evolving changes, needs and requirements.

  •  Promantus offer a full range of deployment, post-deployment and optimization services.

Team Workday

All our Workday consultants have been individually selected as renowned experts in their field. They have many years’ knowledge of working on large scale application implementations and deployments coupled with detailed industry insight for the United States and other geographies. Our Workday consultants are all dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers and ensuring that you get the best possible return on your Workday investment.

Promantus consultants help deliver a remarkable experience with Workday solution.

 What can Promantus do?

  • We can deploy Workday in your organization

  • We can offer you US/EMEA/India specific expertise

  • We have 20 highly skilled and experienced consultants

  • We offer a full range of integration, configuration and optimisation services